With Cytek Safeguard Web based tool your practice can:

  • Send and receive secure emails from one account with Email Cipher Outlook Integration.

  • No need to worry about your required Annual Risk Assessment, we’ve got you covered.

  • Our Cybersecurity experts will review your self-assessment with your team & provide you with a comprehensive summary report.

  • Online training and the ability to track employees’ completion of their annual HIPAA training.

  • Create Personalized Incident Response & Emergency Plans.

  • Customized policies, procedures, business associate agreements & templates.

Random HIPAA Audits, Will You Be Chosen?

HIPAA Omnibus Rule compliance is expected to form the basis of random HIPAA audits, and many organizations are unprepared to deal with a government agency scrutinizing the minutiae of each and every document, process and procedure. Cytek Safeguard provides you and your staff everything you need to become compliant. Sign up today for the simplest solution for HIPAA compliance!